METAIRIE, La. – When Cameron Jordan was snubbed from the NFL Network’s top 100 players list this summer, he tweeted, “Wake up a sleeping giant this yr! That is all.” And my first thought was, “Cameron Jordan’s been sleeping?! Michael Thomas Jerseys How much better can he be?” Well, the New Orleans Saints defensive end has been living up to his words this summer. The seven-year veteran has been flashing more in training camp than I can ever remember – maybe more than any single player in Saints camp.

Jordan has loaded up on a consistent amount of sacks and batted passes. Willie Snead Jerseys And the 6-foot-4, 287-pounder provided the play of the month over the weekend when he caught a tipped ball for an interception and then turned the corner and ran 50-plus yards for a touchdown in full-team drills. “I think Cam’s gotten better every year. Brandin Cooks Jerseys I think this is the best camp he’s ever had,” said Saints right tackle Zach Strief, who faces Jordan on a daily basis. “He gave me a move yesterday that in the practice, man, I was frustrated with myself. Then when I saw it on tape I was like …” said Strief, who followed with a shrug and some sort of moan that sounded like, eeeaaahhhh.

“‘I don’t know what to do. Survive it,’” Strief continued. “Everything about it looked like power long-arm, everything throughout the entire rush was power long-arm. And then he outside swipes and is completely clean. Drew Brees Jerseys Listen, I’m glad he’s on my team. I’ve thought about it numerous times during training camp. I’m like, ‘Man, at least I don’t have to deal with that in real life.’” Jordan also got snubbed from making his third Pro Bowl appearance last year – even though he was rated as the third-best edge rusher in the NFL by Pro Football Focus. His two problems were that he played for a 7-9 team and had only 7.5 sacks. Kenny Vaccaro Jerseys But sacks have never been the defining part of Jordan’s game. His greatest talent is his versatility. With his size and athleticism, he is a terrific pass-rusher and run defender who can play both outside and inside.


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Строительство теплотрасс

Узнать больше о строительстве теплотрасс
Центр Технического Обслуживания Тепловых Пунктов

Наша задача – комплексное решение проблемы с теплоснабжением нашего заказчика; 

Наша цель – донести до каждого собственника теплового пункта  необходимость проведения мер по поддержанию работоспособности его инженерного оборудования.

Теплоснабжение – это наш бизнес. За словом бизнес стоит квалифицированный персонал, серьезная техническая и материальная база, отлаженные схемы решения специализированных задач, более 9 лет упорной и результативной работы.

Мы не единственные на этом рынке. Есть более и менее крупные игроки, кто-то из них, возможно, лучше нас, но и мы стараемся совершенствоваться, не останавливаясь на достигнутом.

Мы заинтересованы в решении Ваших проблем. Обращайтесь, будем рады помочь.